KS-120 Carbon cleaner

KS-120 Carbon cleaner

Designed for flushing and complete diagnostics of automobile fuel systems and complete diagnosis of car fuel systems.
CARBON CLEANER is intended for servicing of carburetor, injector, DI, GDI, NeoDI and other fuel system types , provides the quality car maintenance.

Technical parameters:

Voltage/Power: 220V/0.11kW
Air inlet pressure: 10bar
Weight: 37kg


  • removal of sludge and coating deposits from injectors, fuel control rod, pressure regulator, fuel lines, carburetor jets and engine inlet valves cleaning.
  • gasoline engine combustion chamber cleaning
  • injector system cleaning control through the throttle vacuum while engine running idle
  • pressure control during the cleaning operation
  • fuel pump pressure gauging
  • fuel pump check valve testing
  • pressure and functional efficiency test of the fuel control rod valve of the vehicle
  • digital test of fuel pump efficiency and fuel filter cleanness with further parameter indication
  • RPM measuring
  • engine battery and generator voltage measuring
  • Standard accessories

  • Set of adapters
  • Set of adapters