KS-121 Antifreeze changer

KS-120 Antifreeze changer

Designed for complete cooling agent exchange and full diagnostics of cooling system for most car types.
ANTIFREEZE CHANGER is designed for servicing any cars and provides complete changing of old cooling fluid.

Technical parameters:

Voltage/Power: 220V/0.14kW
Air inlet pressure: 3bar
Weight: 47kg


  • working time was reduced due to a new technology in the process of servicing
  • complete high-tech antifreeze agent exchange, no air suction
  • charging the cooling system with cleaning agent
  • new fluid intake from any external capacity
  • automatic switch to the safe mode «Ring» when the fluid in the external tank is off
  • complete air removal from the mounted adapters
  • leakage proof test of the cooling system
  • receiver/radiator pressure cap efficiency
  • thermostat efficiency test
  • temperature sensors testing
  • vehicle battery and generator voltage control
  • cooling system pressure control
  • Standard accessories

  • Set of adapters
  • Set of adapters