SIVIK Wheel Balancers features

All Wheel Balancers that we offer, let you get perfect result within one cycle of balancing and spend just 90-120 seconds for any one wheel! Awesome! Isn't it?!
Patented technologies and ergonomic designs make the operator feel comfortable and let the work without any additional actions. Such as automatically adjusting wheel parameters and locating position for wheel weight, it means there is no need touch any button of the control panel in the whole process for most types of wheel.
Fast balancing of wheels is not only can increase work productivity and increase income, but also will earn the good fame and image for your company.


The measuring system based on Direct3D technology allows to perform direct entry of parameters of load adjustment. To input the parameters it is necessary to lay on the electronic ruler to the supposed plane of load adjustment. Based on data, the machine accurately calculates the required load mass and its location. The end stage of Direct3D technology - adjustment of belt load by means of electronic ruler: accurately on distance, corresponding to inputed exactly in angular position, the operator fixes the load in the clamp, pulled it out to acoustical signal and presses to the rim. This technology allows to balance any wheel for one cycle.
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AutoAlu technology provides:


The microprocessor motor control on the base of S-Drive technology provides:


SmartALU technology allows to balance light - alloy wheel for two cycles on the machines unequipped with measuring system on the base of Direct3D technology. After imbalance mea- suring the operator adjusts only one load in the plane behind and performs second measuring. In the process of the second measuring the machine accurately determines plane parameters, in which the load was adjusted. On the basis of these data load mass is calculating, which must be added in the plane behind the spokes. After measuring the operator adjusts the rest loads in usual way. The wheel is balanced



PowerGuard technology provides:


The microprocessor motor control on the base NoiseDown technology provides: