Hugo First Industrial Limited cooperates with many professional manufacturers very well since established. And SIVIK Engineering and Production group is one of these manufacturers. Hugo First is not just the partner of SIVIK , but also the export agency of SIVIK. Here’s a brief profile of SIVIK.

SIVIK Engineering and Production group develops and produces automotive repair equipment for more than 20 years. During this time they were able to take a leading position on the Russian market. Today more than 40% of Russian car service and tyre centers use in their work equipment of SIVIK. They are actively expanding the geography of sales. Their products are recognized outside of Russia and successfully exported to more than 10 countries worldwide.

The basis of their progress has always been a quality product. SIVIK Engineering and Production group controls the entire research and production cycle from the idea to final product what is the best guarantee of quality. Since 2007 quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

Today they offer their partners a wide range of professional equipment: balancers, hydraulic lifts, fluid exchangers, as well as auxiliary equipment.

The major focus of SIVIK is innovation. Their development department is constantly developing of new types and models of equipment. Full development cycle from the electronics to the design of products, allows them not only to offer world-class products, but to be the world leader.

Hugo First Industrial Limited is authorized to export SIVIK’s products worldwide. Customers purchasing products from Hugo First will get the service and terms the same as from SIVIK, furthermore, Hugo First can offer more flexible and suitable plans to customers.