КS-402А Pro

КS-402А Pro

Stationary electro pneumatic 4 cams automatic tire changer with GT-inflating system designed for mounting/unmounting car wheels with rim diameter from 12” to 24”.

Technical parameters:

Voltage/Power: 220V/0.55kW/0.75kW
Air inlet pressure: 10bar
Rim diameter: 10-24"
Max. wheel width: 330mm
Max. wheel diameter: 1000mm
Weight: 233kg


  • Allows working with chamber and tubeless tires maximum diameter 1000mm and maximum width 330mm.
  • 2 speed turntable
  • Air control column mechanism
  • Air lock of mounting head position
  • Bead breaker cylinder - dual controls
  • GT-inflating system for tubeless tire
  • Enhanced vertical folding column
  • Additional bead breaker button
  • Enhanced design of the basic units (cylinder cover, piston, worm wheel)
  • Standard accessories

    Optional accessories

    Motorcycle clamping kit
    Hand free clamp
    Press ARM RV-2 Pneumatic devices to facilitate the operations for mounting/removing low-profiled tires.