KS-515A Truck

KS-515A Truck

Universal electrohydraulic tire changer designed for mounting/unmounting trucks and bus tires.

Technical parameters:

Voltage/Power: 380V/0.55kW/3kW
Hydraulic pressure: 130bar
Rim diameter: 13-27"
Max. wheel width: 780mm
Max. wheel diameter: 1600mm
Weight: 550kg


  • Allows working with wheels with rim diameter from 13” to 27”
  • Allows working with wheels without central hole
  • Allows working with chamber and tubless tires maximum diameter 1600mm and maximum width 780mm
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic spindle fixes wheel in every position excluding offset
  • Portable remote control
  • Compact design
  • Standard accessories

    Optional accessories

    Kit of accessories for alloy rims
    Pliers for alloy rims