ST-460 Tire changer

ST-460 Tire changer

Budget class semi-automatic tire changer for mount/demount tire of wheels from 10" to 22" inches.


  • semiautomatic swing arm;
  • suitable for demount/mount tires of cars, motorcycles;
  • manual locking swing arm, convenient and fast;
  • special design noncentral turntable and high power motor, greatly increase work strength;
  • max working clamping 22”;
  • mount/demount head, which standard equipped with plastic set of protector avoiding the metal scratch rims effectively;
  • bead breaker shovel can optional equipped with plastic protector avoiding damage rim when pressing the tire;
  • asymmetric clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, sturdy and durable
  • Technical parameters:

    Voltage: 110V/220V/380V
    Power: 0.55kW/0.75kW/1.1kW
    Noise level: < 75dB
    Air inlet pressure: 8-10bar
    External Rim clamp: 10-19"
    Internal Rim clamp: 12-22"
    Max. wheel width: 355mm (14")
    Max. wheel diameter: 1040mm (41")
    Package dimension: 960x760x880mm
    Net/Gross weight: 166/188kg


    Asymmetric square turntable

    Standard accessories

    Inflating gun
    Water, brush plastic tin