DELUXE class new generation machine. One cycle balancing of any wheel.

Technical parameters:

Voltage/Power: 220V/0.35kW
LCD Monitor size: 10"
Max. rim diameter: 28"
Max. rim width: 20"
Max. wheel diameter: 900mm
Max. wheel weight: 70kg
Accuracy: 1g
precise direct measuring of the ALU-rims parameters
precise placement of adhesive weights with the clip on the gauge arms
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automatic detection the layout of weights scheme
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automatic pivoting to the weight placing location at "12 hour" or "6 hour"
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the possibility of wheel balancing without pressing any button
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built-in surge voltage protection
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placement of the adhesive weights behind spokes
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Other features

  • electronic gauge arm for measuring diameter and distance
  • electronic gauge for measuring width
  • static imbalance minimization
  • counter of balanced wheels
  • report on used weights
  • speech synthesizer + polyphony
  • high-precision spindle unit, shaft diameter 40 mm
  • tire/rim position optimization
  • program "testing and calibration wizard"
  • imbalance compensation adapters

  • Package size LxWxH, mm: 1300x1000x1520
  • Package weight, kg: 123
  • Standard accessories

    Quick Nut
    Standard cones
    Balance weight pliers

    Optional accessories

    Big cones
    Motorcycle adaptor
    Flange adaptor