DB-500 Wheel balancer

DB-500 Wheel balancer

Budget type digital Wheel Balancer machine

  • High precision main shaft ensures repeated measuring accuracy
  • Manual distance and wheel diameter measuring
  • Tracking sticklng balancing mode can locate weights precisely and rapidly
  • With self calibration and self diagnostic functions
  • Digital LED display
  • 5 balancing modes
  • Technical parameters:

    Voltage: 110V/220V
    Power: 0.20kW/0.37kW
    Noise level: < 70dB
    Max. wheel weight: 65kg
    Balancing speed: 200rpm
    Rim diameter: 252-610mm
    Rim width: 40-510mm
    Measuring time: 8s.
    Package dimension: 960x760x1160mm
    Net/Gross weight: 82/103kg

    Standard accessories

    Four cones
    Protective hood set
    Protective hoot assemble tools
    Quick release nut set
    Testing balance weight 100g
    Balance weight pliers


    Big Cone
    4 hole adapter
    Universal adapter
    Motorcycle adapter